What makes the real estate agent professional?

What makes the real estate agent professional?

House hunting has been one of the most daunting tasks one has to go with, even if there is just one agent working for you. Working with agents hasn’t been a problem unless of their manners and working styles. The industry has a name for its unnecessarily rigid working conditions, irregular timings, and most importantly for its norms and cultures, which certainly for a common man are totally bizarre. Why is that? Why don’t we have an agency who has ethics and works professionally?

Among various other reasons highlighted, the most concerned was malpractice. The industry is known to be run mostly on the black money. Most of the agencies in Karachi often suggest on unlawful means to acquire properties, or going under the table to avoid taxes and duties. Which not only hurts the economy, but also is quite unprofessional. So, what makes a real estate agency professional? Is the staff? Or their business methodologies?

After careful market review, it was observed that a professional real estate agency in Karachi, is the one which operates with principles. These principles not only involve customer satisfaction, but authenticity, accountability, ethics, professionalism, and market knowledge. Most of the agencies operating in Karachi lacks few of them and in some cases most of these principles, while along promising to be the best.

Agencies like Ali Associates, Argus Enterprises, Property Prime Time, and many others are one of the few real estate agents who work with professionalism. With Argus enterprises being one of the best, tops the list on many fronts, not only they operate under strict principles, but they are well informed about the market as well. Operating with principles and planning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, yet there are many professional real estate agents in Karachi, who not only prioritize the customers, but also serves them the right way.

Being one of the most irregulated industry of Karachi, the real estate business often involves big money, where ironically most of the stakes are coming from the middle-class background. Under the name of Bahria Town, and ASF Housing Scheme, many of the real estate agents scammed their customers. Even, most of the real estate agents were also scammed; since the industry often works upon the word of mouth. Thus, they themselves had no choice but to scam the customers as well.

By being professional, real estate agents not only respects the customer’s needs and requirements, but they also protect themselves from such money draining scams. By making their way with principles they not only make a name for themselves but also make long standing relationships. With very few regulatory efforts from the state and other state departments, the industry still operates under the shadow. But the fact that business is a business and that it shall be operated with utmost professionalism, makes few of the real estate agents stand out.

Are you still worried about your real estate needs? Look out for these qualities in your agent to see if they really are one of the best or not;
1. Authenticity

2. Accountability

3. Market Standing

4. Market Knowledge

5. Code of conduct

If you’re lucky enough to find such a real estate agent on your first encounter, stick to it, or come back later, we’ll save the list of professional real estate agents in Karachi for you!

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